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Worrell-Powers Vs Scott


Nikolai Worrell-Powers  And  Barbara Scott

Before: Ian C.A. Bishop (Chairman)

            Mr Jeff Cumberbatch

            Mr Edmund Hinkson

            Mr Antoine Williams

            Ms Faye Lucas

Date of hearing: 2nd day of February 2007

On September 4th 2006, Nikolai Worrell-Powers purchased a school haversack from Affordable Shopping at a cost of $55.00.   Three weeks after normal use the bag broke away for almost 12 inches along the middle area holding the zip. In addition other sections along the same area showed signs of shearing.   Ms Worrell-Powers returned the bag to Affordable Shopping and agreed to have them repair the bag. Three days after the bag was in use it again broke away.   The bag was returned to the supplier who insisted that they be allowed to repair it for a second time.   Nikolai Worrell-Powers is claiming a refund of $55.00.


UPON HEARING Mr Barry Carrington, Public Counsel, acting on behalf of Ms Nikolai Worrell-Powers and UPON HEARING Ms Barbara Scott trading as Affordable Shopping IT IS ORDERED BY CONSENT THAT:  

1)         Affordable Shopping issue Ms Nikolai Worrell-Powers a credit note to the value of $55.00 on or before 5th February 2007.

2)         Liberty to apply.