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Griffith Vs Culloden Esso Servicenter


 Darwin Griffith                                                  Complainant


 Culloden Esso Servicenter Limited                        Respondent

Before:  Ian C.A. Bishop (Chairman)

                        Mr Jeff Cumberbatch

                        Mr Antoine Williams

Date  of hearing: 16th February 2007

On December 10th 2006, Darwin Griffith drove into the Culloden Esso Servicenter Limited, Culloden Road, St Michael requesting $20.00 in product from an attendant. While the attendant started to pump a liquid into his vehicle another attendant stopped her and informed her that she was pumping diesel into Mr Griffith’s tank.   The attendant stopped and the Mr Griffith was advised by the supervisor that he was responsible for what goes into his tank.

As a result Mr Griffith had his vehicle towed to Simpson Motors where his car tank was drained at a cost of $386.19.   Esso Servicenter Limited has refused to accept any responsibility in this matter.


UPON HEARING Ms Summer Chandler acting for and on behalf of Mr Darwin Griffith AND UPON HEARING Mr Andrew Firebrace representing Culloden Esso Servicenter Limited


1)         Culloden Esso Servicenter Limited pay to Mr Griffith the sum of $193.10 representing one-half of the cost of repairs to Mr Griffith’s motor vehicle.

2)         The said sum of $193.10 be paid to Mr Griffith on or before the 23rd day of February 2007.

3)         Liberty to apply.