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Crookendale Vs Holder


 Gregory Crookendale              Complainant


 Adzil Holder                              Respondent

  Before: Ian C.A. Bishop (Chairman)

            Mr Jeff Cumberbatch

            Ms Fay Lucas

Date of hearing: 9th day of March 2007

On October 22nd 2005, Gregory Crookendale contracted with Adzil Holder to carry out repairs to his Samsung television and to clean his Sony VCR.   Mr Holder retained the television and VCR for over 4 months with promises that the work would be completed in the near future.

On March 6 2006, Mr Crookendale regained possession of his television and VCR however the damaged part in the television was not replaced and an additional part was missing whilst in the possession of Mr Holder.

On October 4th 2006, Mr Holder gave Mr Crookendale the undertaking that he would pay the cost of a replacement TV but has failed to honour his undertaking. Mr Crookendale is now claiming the sum of $1,800.00


UPON HEARING Ms Summer Chandler representing the Office of Public Counsel acting on behalf of Gregory Crookendale AND UPON HEARING Mr Adzil Holder representing himself:


1)         Mr Holder pay to Mr Crookendale the sum of $1,600.00 by way of instalments of $300.00 per month commencing from the 1st day of April 2007 until the 1st day of July 2007 and thereafter a final payment of $400.00 on or before the 1st day of August 2007.

2)         Liberty to apply.