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  • High medication prices

    Commerce and Trade Minister, Senator Haynesley Benn is not at all pleased with what he has described as the exorbitant mark-ups by some retailers, as it relates to certain lifesaving pharmaceuticals being sold in this country.

  • The Opening Of A Seminar On Consumer Protection

    Address Delivered By The Hon. Ronald Toppin, Minister Of Commerce, Consumer Affairs And Business Development
    [Friday, August 03, 2001]
    Mr. Chairman, Members of the Head Table, Members of the Advisory Committee for the Establishment of the Fair Trading Commission, Members of the Fair Trading Commission, Resource Persons, Specially Invited Guests, Participants, Members of the Press, Ladies and Gentlemen:

  • Commerce Ministry Monitoring Standards, Weights And Measures Regulations

    The Ministry of Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Business Development is intensifying its drive to encourage wholesalers and retailers to adhere to the regulations of the Control of Standards and Weights and Measures Acts.
    Specifically, the Ministry is concerned that the mandatory requirements in respect of labelling of pre-packaged goods sold, imported or advertised in Barbados are not fully observed.

  • NCST to Focus on Developing ICT Capacity

    The findings of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Capacity and Infrastructure project, which was commissioned by the National Council for Science Technology (NCST) in January and completed this summer, will be used to take ICTs forward in the coming year..


     The National Council for Science and Technology’s (NCST) National Innovation Competition has moved into its second phase, bringing participants one step closer to discovering who has created a winning concept.

  • C&W Blocks Info to Objectors

    CABLE & WIRELESS has blocked access by objectors to crucial financial and other information in its rate adjustment application before the Fair Trading Commission (FTC).

    And at least two of the 17 objectors, or intervenors as they are being called, have protested, charging the move would, among other things, put them at a disadvantage and weaken their case on behalf of the public.

    The two are the Barbados Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (BANGO), which represents a network of 147 bodies, and Alvin Cummins.

    C&W listed seven instances of information submitted to the FTC in “commercial confidence”, which it said should be held by the commission and not placed on the public record.

  • The Opening Ceremony Marking International Co-Operators’ Day 2003

    The Honorable Ronald Toppin, Minister of Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Business Development
    [Saturday, July 05, 2003]

    Thank you Master of Ceremonies, President of the Barbados Credit Union League, Officials and Members of the Co-operative Movement, Members of the Press, Specially Invited Guests Ladies and Gentlemen:
    I am delighted, and indeed deeply honoured that the Planning Committee for this year’s Co-operators’ Day celebrations has afforded
    me the opportunity to perform the role of feature speaker at this very important event. I especially welcome the opportunity, given the important role which the co-operative movement plays in our country’s development.
    I note with particular interest the location which has been chosen
    for today’s celebrations. As you are, no doubt, all aware, the parish of
    St. James has a very rich history associated with it particularly Holetown.
    And it is therefore fitting that an event as historic as the celebration of Co-operators’ Day should be held in an area with such historic importance.

  • FTC Seeks Fair Play For All

    Reprinted from
    [Friday, July 04, 2003]

    The establishment of an organisation such as the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) should be viewed as consistent with the national development goals of a maturing society which seeks to offer its citizens the benefit of best practices emerging in the global arena.
    Barbadian consumers deserve to be the recipients of high quality services and the kind of redress enjoyed for decades by their counterparts in other jurisdictions. The FTC sees its primary role as safeguarding the interest of consumers. This is the common thread that runs through all of the legislation the FTC enforces. These include the Fair Trading Commission Act, 2000-31, the Utility Regulation Act, 2000-30, the Fair Competition Act, 2002-19 and the Consumer Protection Act, 2002-20, and provisions of the Telecommunications Act 2001-36.
    In order to carry out its duties with a mandate of fairness, the FTC must communicate effectively. In the weeks ahead, the FTC will be providing readers with details of its work and guidance that will be beneficial to both consumers and businesses.

  • Financial Risk Mananagement Analysis

    The Honorable Ronald Toppin, Minister of Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Business Development
    [Tuesday, April 08, 2003]
    Madam Chairperson, Mr.Robert Charbonneau, Course Presenter, Mr.Cephas Gooding, Permanent Secretary, Mr. Anthony Pilgrim, Manager, Barbados Cooperative Credit Union League Limited, Course Participants, Members of the Press, Specially Invited Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen:

  • Businesses urged to regulate status

    Reprinted from the Barbados Advocate
    [Tuesday, August 27, 2002]

    SMALL business owners are being urged to move swiftly to regularise their status and thereby avail themselves of the numerous incentives made available by the Small Business Development Act, 1999.

    According to Senior Business Development Officer with the Ministry of Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Business Development Marina Taitt, since the passage of the legislation, of over 6 000 existing small businesses, only 85 have to date applied for Approved Small Business Status. “We definitely think that they should come forward and benefit. There are lots of benefits to be had, they should take advantage of it. It is there for them,” she said.

    The Senior Business Development Officer in the Ministry’s Business Development Unit (BDU) cited tax reductions, technical assistance in numerous spheres and duty-free concessions on plant and equipment as just some of the incentives available to approved small business owners.

  • Businesses Not E-commerce Ready

    Reprinted from The Daily Nation, March 25, 2002
    [Monday, March 25, 2002]

    A big question mark hangs over the readiness of Barbadian firms to conduct e-business transactions effectively, following release of the latest findings on information security on the island.

    The KPMG Information Security Survey 2002 concluded that new e-risks were not being adequately managed by the 56 firms which participated in the research [including two from Antigua].

    In presenting the findings, KPMG Technology Partner Brenda Pope noted that only a minority of organisations were actively pursuing new e-business opportunities and recognised that security of information was key to operating in the e-business world.

  • Electronic Transactions Act

    The Honourable Ronald Toppin
    [Sunday, February 18, 2001]
    Madam Chairperson, Specifically Invited Guests, Participants, Members of the Press, Ladies and Gentlemen:
    I must say that I am extremely delighted to be here this morning to deliver this opening address at this very important forum. The fact that so many of you are able to be here as well with us shows in no uncertain terms the great importance which you clearly attach to the subject of this morning's forum which I am told is "Law as a business driver: Doing business under the Electronic Transactions Act"

  • Minister Benn Statement - World Consumers Rights Day March 15th, 2012

    Today, March 15th, Barbados joins Consumer International in celebrating the 30th anniversary of World Consumer Rights Day. Given the current and prolonged global financial crisis, Financial Services are again in focus this year with the theme being:

    “Our money, our rights – Campaigning for real choice in financial services”.  

  • ICTs crucial for development

    ICTs Crucial for development

    Technology was the talk of the town this morning, when the Caribbean ICT Roadshow hosted its Techno Village in Independence Square.

    The event was one of many slated for the Roadshow, which will bring into focus the importance of Harnessing the Power of Innovation: the Engine for ICT-Enabled Caribbean Development. During his feature address, Minister of Commerce and Trade, Senator Haynesley Benn stressed that technology should be seen as a valuable tool which can assist individuals and businesses achieve their goals