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Alison Archer v. Steve Franklyn

In April 2005 Alison Archer engaged the services of Mr Steve Franklyn to carry out certain works by way of building and completing an extension to her dwelling house situate at No. 72 lodge Terrace, St Michael.

Patsy Best v. Furniture Limited

This is an application by Patsy Best, the Complainant, to the Consumers Claim Tribunal for a refund of $50.00 retained by Furniture Limited, the Respondent, as its fee for the cancellation by Ms Best of a contract for the supply of lumber and windows by Furniture Limited.

Rudolph Grant v. Rawle Haynes

THE CONSUMER CLAIMS TRIBUNAL MR RUDOLPH GRANT                           Complainant And MR RAWLE HAYNES                             Respondent Mr Rudolph Grant represented himself Mr Rawle Haynes represented himself Dates of Hearing : 14th […]

Matthew Holder v. Liquidation Centre

CONSUMER GUARANTEES ACT 2002-21 IN THE CONSUMER CLAIMS TRIBUNAL BETWEEN MATTHEW HOLDER                                   COMPLAINANT AND LIQUIDATION CENTRE                                 RESPONDENT June 17, August 12, September […]