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In furthering its commitment to develop a vibrant consumer protection ecosystem in Barbados, the Ministry of Energy, Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Commerce (MESBE) is embarking on establishing a National Consumer Protection framework. The Policy is intended to create a strong, vibrant consumer protection ecosystem that raises awareness and empowers a knowledgeable and discerning consumer. Additionally, the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) will work with the NGO community to facilitate and advocate for a vibrant consumer body to be established in Barbados. The DCCA in collaboration with key partners, which includes the Fair-Trading Commission (FTC) and the Office of Public Counsel will work together to effectively and efficiently advance the national consumerism agenda.

Implementation of the CARICOM Rapid Alert System for the Exchange of
Information on Dangerous (Non-Food) Consumer Goods (Carrex)


  1. Toys
  2. Motor Vehicles
  3. Electronic Appliances
  4. Lighting Equipment
  5. Lighters
  6. Lighting Chains
  7. Gadgets
  8. Machinery
  9. Stationery
  10. Cosmetics
  11. Children’s Equipment
  12. Childcare Articles

14.Protective Equipment
15.Textiles & Fashion Items
16.Household Appliances
17.Kitchen/Cooking Accessories
18.Machine Tools
20.Gas and Heating Appliances
21.Hobby/Sports Equipment
22.Recreational Crafts
23.Food Imitating Products
24.Decorative Articles

25.Laser Pointers
26.Chemical Products
27.Hand Tools
28.Articles for Gardens & Camping
29.Communication and Media Equipment
30.Construction Materials
31.Fashion Products
33.Accessories for Pets

CARREX operates through an online portal that allows consumers in any of the Member States to alert their National Contact Points about a product which they have detected to cause harm and is a safety hazard. This information is forwarded to the other Member States and it can then be withdrawn from the CARICOM markets. Action is taken to ensure that manufacturers address consumer safety concerns. The DCCA works tirelessly to protect consumers from danger and harm.