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The Hiltop Taxi Co-operative Society Limited

The Hiltop Taxi Co-operative Society Limited was registered in January 1973.  This co-operative operates from the Hilton Hotel.  During the years 1999 to 2005 the Hilton Hotel was closed for renovations.  As a result, the co-operative was in-active during the period.  In late 2005 it resumed taxi services having secured a contract from the new Hilton management.

2.       The Co-operative has a membership of thirty–two taxi operators. The contract with the Hilton hotel requires the taxi operators to provide a timely and efficient service to the guests and also the transport of Hilton staff.  Pre-Covid-19 the Hiltop Taxi Co-operative Society Limited continued to play an integral role within Barbados’ tourism product. They provided a quality service to the Hilton Hotel and was the first point of contact for many of the hotel’s guest to the island.

3.       Post Covid-19 the society hopes to continue their quality service when the tourism sector regains its vibrancy and the Government of Barbados is comfortable with welcoming tourists to the country’s shores. 

4.      The current Board of Directors of the Society comprises:

  • Mr. Wade Knight- President
  • Mr. Ricky Jones- Vice President
  • Mr. Caleb Knight- Treasurer
  • Mr. Roger Coppin – Secretary
  • Mr. Valentine Headley- Member

5        The Secretary can be contacted at telephone no. 243-0146

Co-operatives Department

May 28th, 2020