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Husbands: Trustworthiness critical to business

Article taken from the Nation News Paper – January 16, 2023

MINISTER OF STATE in the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Business Development Sandra Husbands is urging Barbadians to recommit themselves to being efficient and trustworthy.

“There must be trustworthiness in the processes of Government and in the private sector, and there must be discipline in executing our jobs.

“This is why I am going to ask you to pray because when there is a lack of trustworthiness in systems and in the attitudes of people, a country cannot function, and what you do is strangle the pathway through which God can walk to answer people’s prayers,” she said.

Husbands was speaking during a church service yesterday to mark Fund Access’ 25th anniversary, at Sanctuary Empowerment Centre, Country Road, St. Michael.

“We have to rebuild trust by building a cadre of trustworthy entrepreneurs. That’s why we have to make sure our children go to Sunday school and learn to be trustworthy. So we need trustworthiness in attitudes and values, but we also need trustworthiness in processes.

“What that means is if I say I am going to deliver eggs, and I have to engage another institution to perform in a way to allow me to deliver what I have promised in a timely way, and there are people working at that enterprise or working in that Government department who don’t care about delivering on time and delivering efficiently, I then cannot deliver an efficient service,” she said.

The minister said with Government currently caught up in preparing the Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure, they were looking at the various resources.

“We have [been] identifying the needs and the urgencies, and working through what is the best way to employ these resources to give the maximum benefit to Barbadians. One of the things that I have been conscious of, as we have been walking through that particular exercise, is how important trust is,” she said.

Using the example of a person wanting to do major repairs to a house or a car, Husbands said the first move was to ask someone what he or she knew about the required service.

“You know why that question emerges? Because there is no trust. They cannot trust that if they open a directory and look for a service provider, they cannot be sure that person will deliver what they’re supposed to deliver, do it honestly and deliver value for money; they cannot trust it. And this is why it is important for us in our work, to raise up entrepreneurs who are trustworthy, who deliver when someone asks to have this service delivered, who don’t feel nervous about bringing them into their home for fear that they will take up something, or that they will unfair them,” she said.


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