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To create an enabling environment for enterprises to reach their full potential through the promotion of a well-developed national quality infrastructure, economic enfranchisement, entrepreneurial development, reliable public records, access to finance, cooperation, while safeguarding the interests of consumers. 

A vibrant and robust environment that promotes sustainable economic growth through commerce, consumerism, innovation, investment, and resilience for domestic and globally competitive enterprises.

Who We Are/ Overview
The Ministry of Energy, Business Development (MEBD) is a ministerial department of the Government of Barbados.  The Ministry in its current configuration was established in January 2022 and plays a key role in ensuring the continued development of the island’s business community, whilst simultaneously guaranteeing the provision of a fair and regulated marketplace.  In order to ably execute its broad mandate, the Ministry provides leadership and collaborates with a number of agencies, which fall under its ambit, these entities comprise:

  • Administration
  • Small Business Development Unit
  • Cooperatives Department
  • Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
  • Office of Public Counsel
  • Office of the Supervisor of Insolvency
  • Research and Planning Unit
  • Barbados National Standards Institution (BNSI)
  • Barbados Agency or Micro Enterprise Development (FundAccess)
  • Fair Trading Commission (FTC)
  • Barbados Trust Fund Limited