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The following documents are required to be sent to the Minister with respect to an application for approved small business status.

1. Form I Application for Approved Small Business Status – to be typed triplicate (no carbon copies accepted).

2. Statement containing particulars set out in Section 4 (3)(b) and (g) of the Small Business Development Act.

3. A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation, which includes the Articles of Incorporation (Submit in triplicate)

4. Statutory Declaration verifying the particulars specified in Section 4 (3) of the Act.

5. A copy of the Audited Financial Statements of Accounts for the last financial; year or, in the case of a new companies a Copy of Financial Projections for the next three (3) years of operation.

6. Notice of Directors.

7. Notice of address of Registered Office.

8. A copy of each shareholder’s Share Certificate.

9. A Certificate of Clearance from the Director of the National Insurance Department.

10. A Tax Clearance Certificate from the Commissioner of Inland Revenue.

11. A sworn statement indicating that the applicant company has no agreement for the payment of fees on a continuing basis for managerial or other services to persons who are not nationals of Barbados or other states of the Caribbean Community and who are not resident in Barbados where those services do not form part of the normal business operations of the enterprise.

12. Where the nationality of origin of the director(s) and shareholder(s) of the applicant company is Non-Barbadian but the said persons are citizens or permanent residents of Barbados, the application must be accompanied by proof of such status as granted by the Chief Immigration Officer.

The completed forms must be submitted to the Ministry of Energy, Entrepreneurship and Small Business.