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(i) Import licence applications forms are duly completed in quadruplicate.

(ii) For the importation of dairy products including meat, meat products, milk and milk products:

  1. Veterinary Officer Stamp from the Veterinary Services must be affixed to the import licence verifying that the source is an approved one

(iii) For the importation of fireworks and handcuffs:

  1. Letter from the Prime Minister’s Office must be provided granting approval to import

(iv) For the importation of new, used or reconditioned and vintage vehicles whether by individuals, other entities or distributors/ dealers:

  1. Requirements for Individuals:
    1. A letter of application seeking permission to import the vehicle on their own behalf;
    2. Vehicles must be right hand drive, not more than four (4) years old with odometer reading under 50,000 km;
  2. Requirements for Route Taxi and Minibus Operators:
    1. Letter from the Ministry of Public Works and Transport granting approval to operate the vehicle to be imported as a route taxi or minibus must be submitted along with the application for import licence.
  3. Requirements for distributors /dealers:
    1. Vehicles must be structurally and mechanically sound and in generally good condition;
    2. Vehicles must be right hand drive, not more than four (4) years old with odometer reading under 50,000 km;
    3. Each importer must offer a warranty on each reconditioned vehicle for at least six (6) months or 6000 km;
    4. The imported vehicles must be accompanied by a certificate of roadworthiness from an authorized agent in the “country of origin”
    5. The vehicle must be fitted with new tires.
  4. Requirements for returning nationals:
    1. These persons are allowed to import vehicles older than four (4) years with odometer reading exceeding 50,000 km provided that he/she has owned the said vehicle for at least four (4) years prior to its importation;
  5. The importation of antique/vintage vehicles is allowed
  6. Requirements for the temporary importation of vehicles:
    1. In this case the vehicle must be re-exported at the end of the time period specified by the Customs and Excise Department.

(v) For the importation of jet skis or wave runners which are replacements:

  1. A letter of application and a certificate of registration or a permit for operating the jet ski or wave runner.